Ncompass PL are a small technology consultancy based in the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia (our organisation is small but the solutions we create for our clients make a huge difference to their businesses).

Ncompass are a team of business analysts, software designers, software developers, technical writers, trainers and web developers with very varied industry backgrounds.

Our clients include corporate giants, industry leaders, government departments, government agencies, small businesses and other software developers.

The team at Ncompass are not just formally trained or qualified in the software development industry; they have experience and expertise in hospitality, telecommunications, interior design, construction and environmental services industries.

Ncompass are amongst the earliest adopters of the world wide web and use all manner of internet-based technologies in their software development, as well as traditional desktop applications and (so called) "thick-client" solutions.

Formed in 1990, Ncompass became a proprietary limited company in 1998 and continues to be guided by its founding principals, Mark Allen and Sonia Burton.

Current analysis and development projects include power system network access management, accountancy practise management and business accounting.

We look forward to assisting you with your next analysis, development or BPR project.

Although there is a need for business analysis throughout the traditional software development life cycle, there is a focus in the scoping and planning stages of a traditional waterfall style development that is quite different from what you might encounter in an agile development.

Ncompass are both experienced and skilled in supporting traditional and agile development methodologies - they have frequently been involved in guiding and facilitating complex business process re-engineering whilst gathering both business and functional requirements for both styles of development.

In an agile development it is frequently the case that requirements are emergent, especially when the product owner is highly engaged or when the business being serviced is relatively immature. In the case of the latter it is often the case that the future business processes themselves are emergent.

Event-driven Process Chain diagrams and Swim Lane diagrams can both frequently prove useful in communicating concepts and business rules to both development teams and to process owners and participants.

With backgrounds in construction, telecommunications, utilities and power system management Ncompass staff are quick to grasp the fundamentals of a business and with strong communication skills, BPR facilitation has proven successful time after time.

Ncompass PL are skilled designers with a focus on "fit for purpose" and the use of appropriate, maintainable technology applications. We treat our software and website design tasks with the same devotion to requirements identification (business, functional and technical) as we do for major business process re-engineering initiatives. Rather than using our clients as our design sales vehicle, we carefully craft solutions to suit our clients' needs and budgets.

If your need is for a website that you can realistically and frequently maintain yourself, then rather than foist the latest all singing and dancing design on your ill-equipped staff, we will select suitable templates and layouts using readily available content management systems (such as Google Sites) and craft a professional, well structured, web presence for your organisation.
We can provide Adobe Flash games, quizes and animation where required, but you can be sure that the website design and content is tailored to your needs rather than our skills promotion.

Software design is similarly focussed on "bang for buck" with a realistic cost versus benefit analysis forming part of the majority of project scoping phases. If your happy that you have already covered the necessary analysis, we can deliver to your specifications; or we can work with you, using traditional waterfall or preferably an agile approach, to craft a bespoke solution addressing your emergent requirements.

We would be pleased to provide references from the numerous organisations with whom we have undertaken work, so that you can satisfy yourselves as to our suitability for your project.

HelpWiz is a good example of the developer tools created by Ncompass - it is a "plug-in" for Borland's 32bit Delphi and C++ Builder integrated development environments, which provides numerous facilities which make help creation an absolute breeze for developers.

No current help creation tool can rival HelpWiz for its level of automation. With HelpWiz, you can load a project into the programming IDE, start HelpWiz, nominate the compiler to use and then immediately compile a help file which will provide completely context sensitive help for the entire project !

All component help context numbers on all forms are entered for you ! By default HelpWiz will use the hint text of every component as the text for the help file topic for that component. If you want to expand on that text, just access the properties screen of the component help and a wysiwyg editor gives you all the facilities that you are likely to need.

HelpWiz is started from its menu item beneath the Tools menu of the IDE. It's features include:

  • Automatic topic creation for every component;
  • Wysiwyg editing of help file text;
  • Point and click link and bitmap insertion;
  • Toggle help inclusion based on component type;
  • Every jump or pop-up link guaranteed to work;
  • Help window position, size and colour settings;
  • Compile and test run your context-sensitive help within the IDE;
  • Templates for auto topic creation can use variables such as component caption and hinttext;
  • the list goes on and on...
The technical development team behind HelpWiz are technical writers and developers and have thus been able to build into HelpWiz capabilities to suit both types of users.

There are many pieces of component specific information available to developers, within their development environment, that technical writers either do not or cannot access. Often, as a result of this, product help is not all that it could be - component level context sensitive help would normally be prohibitively expensive to produce, especially for small developers. HelpWiz comes to the rescue!

HelpWiz builds component level context sensitivity into your product help automatically. It interogates the IDE to build a help topic heirachical structure that mirrors that of the application. Every single component in your project is provided with its own topic and the help context numbers of those components are changed on their forms for you. Forget the situation where users receive "Topic not found" error messages due to non-matching application and help file content. With HelpWiz this cannot occur.

Other tools and components may claim a high level of automation - BUT none of them integrate themselves into the actual programming IDE the way that HelpWiz does.

This integration gives HelpWiz an enormous head start on the competition - it allows HelpWiz complete access to the forms of the current project and allows HelpWiz to actually change component properties for you! Don't be fooled by other products claiming they "...make it easy..." - Not one of them provides the high level of automation that HelpWiz does !

Our interests span numerous areas: architecture, bush-walking, interior design, horticulture, native flora, landscape design, photography, native fauna, industrial design, XC mountain biking, etc.

A few of us make a point of getting out on our mountain bikes as often as possible...

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